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what to do when someone tries to get you to go on a date
person: what about that one? do you wanna go on a date with them?
me: no
person: but it'd be so fun, and they're so cute! why not??
me: *sighs loudly*
me: *stares off into the distance for a couple moments*
me: *the pain in my eyes is very noticeable, but you can also see the wisdom as well. wisdom that was gained through many hard lessons*
me: sit down. let me tell you a story about a boy named kaneki ken

"I have faith in him.”

The wisdom that sleeps in the written word is overcome by the despair that lurks within.


If you ever feel sad just remember at least you’re not Kaneki Ken.

Bon Appétit!

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kaneki turns into a briefcase manbaby quinque

by 北上の卡酥 (with permission to repost)



Tbh this is all you need to know about Virus and Trip.


i made an attempt to correct the subtitles


Me playing dramatical murder

It worked. Your words were implanted in me. Everything went dark, and I felt the despair of helplessness grow within me. But someone else planted his words in me before you did.


when people say they hate mink: image